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When we say clean, we mean immaculate

San Diego’s Finest is all about striving for excellence, meeting our customers needs quickly and professionally, Making our clients feel at ease and confident in the cleanliness of their homes.

Allow us to provide you with a FREE introductory cleaning of your residence, and if you are not beyond satisfied, we will leave you with a box of chocolates and leave. Our services do NOT require any contract or obligations. It calls us when you need our policy.

Listed below are the services we offer. You can view our recurring membership services on the Memberships page. Add-on services are available as described below our regular service offerings.


Free Estimate

We offer a FREE 15-20 minute introductory session for our first time clients so that we may find the perfect services for you.

Standard – Extreme

Mini Standard Clean

200-600 sq. feet

2.5hrs | Starting at $135

Standard Clean

700-1100+ sq. feet

4hrs | Starting at $200

Mini Extreme Clean

200-600+ sq. feet

3.5hrs | Starting at $210

Extreme Deep Clean

700-1100+ sq. feet

5hrs | Starting at $250

Not your Average

*Pending an assessment by professional

Mini House Airbnb's, Vacation Rentals, Yachts

200-600 sq. feet

3.5hrs | Starting at $120

Standard House Airbnb's, Vacation Rentals, Yachts

700-1100+ sq. feet

4hrs | Starting at $140

Move in/Move Outs

*Must have free assessment done on residency prior to booked appointment

Mini Move-in/Move-out Service

200-600 sq. feet

4hrs | Starting at $250

Standard Move-in/Move-out Service

700-1100+ sq. feet

8hrs | Starting at $350

A la carte

Balcony/Patio/Deck Cleaning

Prices may vary

1-2.5hrs | Starting at $95

Window Cleaning

Prices may vary

2hrs | Estimated $115

Single Bathroom

Prices may vary

1-1.5hrs | Starting at $90

Deep Oven Clean

Interior/Exterior, Prices may vary
*Upon request 1 day prior to appointment

1hr | $80

Deep Fridge Clean

Interior/Exterior, prices may vary
*Upon request 2hrs prior to arrival

1-1.5hrs | $75